iComfort thermostats compatibility include premium, professionally installed, smart-home automation platforms like Control4.

Professionally installed, smart-home systems from Control4 maximize the smart-home experience. They automate connected devices to provide full control of nearly everything in the home, from smart lighting, home security, and intercom, to home theater, universal remote, and multi-room audio, to name just a few. That means perfect air can be part of more smart homes than ever before, all managed through one convenient control.



Once a Control4 smart-home system is installed, perfect air can be controlled through a number of options, not just the iComfort thermostat and mobile app. A variety of interfaces are available that place the S30, E30 or M30 icons on the main screen. Here is what you can control through your Control4 interfaces:

Display all systems in the home and select a system

Display all zones in the system and select a zone

Turn system/zone ON/OFF

Change manual modes

Change set-points for each zone/system

Change fan mode

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Before you start

For Control4 integration with iComfort® thermostats, you must contact your Control4 dealer directly
to download and install the necessary Lennox API/driver for your operating system from the Control4 library.
This integration is backwards-compatible, meaning an iComfort® thermostat that's already installed can be
fully integrated with a new or existing Control4 platform.


      • Lennox iComfort® thermostats and Control4

Lennox iComfort® Products that work with Control4

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