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Getting Started

Setup Wi-Fi

In order to set up Wi-Fi in your thermostat, go to menu > settings > wi-fi > wi-fi network. The thermostat will automatically search for Wi-Fi networks in your home. Simply select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the password (if necessary). You can also manually add a Wi-Fi network by pressing the "Other" button. We recommend the following Wi-Fi routers for use with iComfort®:
Linksys, Netgear, Xfinity, Apple, D-Link, 2Wire, Actiontec, Cisco, Arris, Motorola, ASUS, AT&T, Belkin, Verizon.

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Step 2

Create Account/Login

Please go to menu > settings > account to log in using your existing iComfort® credentials or to create a new account.
Having an iComfort® account allows you to access your thermostat from the web and mobile app.
  • 1: Tap on "Create New Account".
  • 2: Enter your account details such as your name, email address, and password.
  • 3: Enter your home address or pick an existing home, then tap on "Create Account".
  • 4. Once you’ve successfully created your account, a confirmation message will appear as seen below.

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Step 3

Adjust Temperature

In your thermostat home screen you’ll see a “horseshoe” shaped control. This is the temperature set-point control. Try dragging a knob up or down along the horseshoe to adjust your set-point. You can also use the “+” and “-” buttons that appear. If your system is in heat/cool mode, you’ll see a red knob for controlling the heating set-point and a blue knob for controlling the cooling set-point. If you have Perfect Temp. enabled, you’ll see only one knob to control the single set-point for the desired temperature.

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Step 4

Download The App

The iComfort® Mobile App is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Using the mobile app you can control your thermostat remotely from anywhere in the world (as long as it is connected to the Internet) and you can also take advantage of additional smart features such as Smart Away and Schedule IQ.

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What's New


  • Flexibility

    Compatible with Lennox-brand non-iComfort-enabled equipment and other brands of heating and cooling equipment
  • Amazon Alexa Compatible

    Use voice commands to control your HVAC system with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices
  • Apple HomeKit Compatible

    Compatible with Apple HomeKit for home automation
  • Google Assistant Compatible

    Use voice commands or touch to control your HVAC system with Google Assistant compatible speakers or hubs
  • IFTTT Compatible

    Compatible with IFTTT for home automation
  • Weather Screen Savers

    Themed screen savers on the 7" HD color touchscreen are designed with graphics that tell you what weather conditions are like outside
  • Touchscreen

    Allows you to use your voice to control your HVAC system
  • Weather Screen Savers

    Themed screen savers on the 7" HD color touchscreen are designed with graphics that tell you what weather conditions are like outside
  • Weather-On-Demand

    Provides current outdoor temperature and a five- or seven-day forecast
  • Basic Alerts

    Automatically emails alerts to homeowners and dealer if the system needs service or maintenance
  • Climate IQ® Technology

    Monitors indoor and local outdoor conditions and uses the AC or heat pump to automatically remove excess humidity to create a more comfortable and healthier home
  • Smart AwayTM Mode

    Uses the location services on the homeowner’s phone to detect when they come and go, adjusting the temperature accordingly to save energy and maximize comfort
  • Energy Savings

    Programmable schedules save energy when no one is home
  • Filter Reminder

    Reminds homeowner when it is time to change the filter
  • Automatic Changeover

    Automatically changes between heating and cooling to keep the house comfortable in spring & fall
  • Color Touchscreen

    Large, easy-to-use display with adjustable brightness
  • Run-Time Report

    Shows how long the heating or cooling system has run
  • Schedule IQTM Technology

    Creates a schedule using Smart Away geo-fencing capabilities and homeowner inputs to maintain comfort when the home is occupied and help save energy when it's not
  • Feels LikeTM Setting

    Adjust one setting that takes into account multiple factors such as temperature and humidity to make the home feel the way the homeowner wants it to
  • Auto (Perfect Temp)

    Like Auto Changeover, the system automatically decides between heating and cooling, but requires just one setpoint
  • Allergen Defender

    Monitors the air quality and pollen levels of local ZIP code and automatically turns the fan on to clean the home's air when outdoor levels are high
  • Humidity Control

    Works with whole-house humidity-control systems to adjust the home's humidity level
  • Remote Control

    Control all thermostat functions from anywhere using a mobile device
  • Performance Report

    Summarizes the performance of the system for the day and hour and sends monthly summary emails showing month-to-month heating and cooling usage comparison and active service alerts


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